• Is a dream a lie if it don't come true 
    Or is it something worse?

  • I know a girl.  She puts the color inside of my world.

  • Wheel in the Sky - 36"X24" Gouache on Canvas.  Available

  • 20" x 40" gouache paint on canvas.  Created for Volksfest 23, a car show dedicated entirely to VWs in Pataskala, OH.

  • "Grateful". 24 by 36 gouache on canvas.
  • 24 by 36 Gouache on Canvas

  • Watercolor Pencil and Gouache on 300# Canson Watercolor Pencil

  • 5 different photographs combined to create one 18" x 24" watercolor pencil, gouache portrait.

  • 20 minute pose using pencil.  I deviated from my usual practice on this one; just felt like using crisp lines, almost mechanical.
    2 minute pose.  Charcoal
     One of more inspiring artist exercises I have is figure drawing.  A typical session is about 2 hours and 6-10 artists participate.  The poses start with "warm-ups" of 2 or 3 minutes and work incrementally up to a couple 20 or 30 minute poses. 

    There really are no rules for these sessions.  Artists work in pencil, charcoal, paints and modeling clay.  While everyone is there together, you tend to fall in to your own work - quite inspiring. 

    The other fun result of the sessions is to walk around the room and see each artists' work, from the different perspectives.

    Contact me if you would ever like to participate.  Artists of all skill level are welcome; figure drawing is a great way to practice and improve.  Classes are held at the Mansfield Art Center every Monday evening from 6-8.


    20 minute pose.  Charcoal

    10 minute pose.  Charcoal

  • 16x20 Watercolor and Heavy Gouache.  Photo Attribution:  HorseRacingPhotos.co.uk

  • 16 x 20 Watercolor, Gouache, Pencil on Strathmore Watercolor Paper

  • 16x20 Watercolor, Gouache and Graphite on Strathmore paper

  • 16 x 20 Watercolor Pencil, Gouache and Graphite on Strathmore Paper

  • Graphite on Strathmore Paper

  • 8 x 10 Watercolor Pencil, Gouache, Graphite on Strathmore Paper

    Loved the folds, pattern and color of the costume

  • 16x20 Graphite on Strathmore paper

  • 8x10 Watercolor Pencil, Gouache and Graphite on Strathmore Paper

  • 8 x10 Watercolor, Gouache and Graphite

  • 16x20 Pencil and Graphite on Strathmore

  • Graphite and Soft Pastels on Cranson 300 Cold Press Illustration Board

  • both pieces are watercolor and gouache, mixed with coffee and beer in place of water.  The staining effect of both coffee and beer provide a rich tint that continues to change.
  • 12x18 watercolor pencil, watercolor and gouache on canson watercolor paper. 
  • 12x18 Watercolor Pencil on Canson Cold Press
  • Watercolor pencil on triple-primed canvas 8x9
  • Cretacolor pencil and water on primed cotton canvas.  10x15.

  • Color pencil, soft pastel and graphite on Canson cold press.  11x14 matted.
  • Both drawings are charcoal, graphite and soft pastel.  The large one is 11x14, matted and framed to 16x20.  The small one, custom sized and framed to 11x14. 
  • More color!  Soft pastel, color pencil and graphite on Canson cold press.  8x10, framed and matted to 11x14.
  • Father and son football players.  One from years ago and one from this year.  Graphite and pastel on Canson cold press.  11x14 matted in 16x20 frame.

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  • Without reservation I can say I enjoy the creation of every piece I create.  Some are especially memorable and flow from hand to paper in an unexplainable way.  This is one of those pieces.  The subject is the mother of the client's wife.  The photo I worked from was taken many years ago; the mother passed away this year.  I didn't plan to do this in color, I didn't start the piece in color, it just all fell in place as I was laying it out.  I can only guess she was a colorful women with a rich life.  I mark this as one of my first, real color portraits.  The piece was finished in soft pastel and graphite.  I am excited to continue exploration of this new medium.

    (more work can be found here.)

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  • Each year, for the past several, I have been asked to create works about Put-In-Bay.  This year I shook it up a bit and did one of the pieces in color.  It represents the signs of several of the island establishments.  I love the piece and even "customized" it a bit for the family.  The other two pieces focus on the Round House and Frosty's.  They were finished in white pastel and graphite (my absolute favorite mediums.)  Click on the pictures for a larger view.

  • I haven't had a lot of opportunity to draw homes, but I sure love it when I do.  This piece was especially interesting.  I was given a series of photographs taken this fall and was asked to create a summer scene.  This involved the ignoring of some pumpkins and mums, and adding geraniums and green trees.  The fact that the home is brick also adds an element of interest and made for a wonderful end result.  The picture is 11x14 on fine art Strathmore paper.  I used color pencils, soft pastels and graphite.  I should also mention it took a couple of tries to get this one right.  I believe it was well worth it.  

  • For this portrait, I was given a series of current photographs (including the couple's wonderful dog) and a wonderful photograph from the couple's early years together.  I put them all together to create a unique and composition.  The final piece is 11x14 and finished completely in white pastel and graphite.