• Wheel in the Sky - 36"X24" Gouache on Canvas.  Available

  • 20" x 40" gouache paint on canvas.  Created for Volksfest 23, a car show dedicated entirely to VWs in Pataskala, OH.

  • "Grateful". 24 by 36 gouache on canvas.
  • 24 by 36 Gouache on Canvas

  • Watercolor Pencil and Gouache on 300# Canson Watercolor Pencil

  • 5 different photographs combined to create one 18" x 24" watercolor pencil, gouache portrait.

  • 20 minute pose using pencil.  I deviated from my usual practice on this one; just felt like using crisp lines, almost mechanical.
    2 minute pose.  Charcoal
     One of more inspiring artist exercises I have is figure drawing.  A typical session is about 2 hours and 6-10 artists participate.  The poses start with "warm-ups" of 2 or 3 minutes and work incrementally up to a couple 20 or 30 minute poses. 

    There really are no rules for these sessions.  Artists work in pencil, charcoal, paints and modeling clay.  While everyone is there together, you tend to fall in to your own work - quite inspiring. 

    The other fun result of the sessions is to walk around the room and see each artists' work, from the different perspectives.

    Contact me if you would ever like to participate.  Artists of all skill level are welcome; figure drawing is a great way to practice and improve.  Classes are held at the Mansfield Art Center every Monday evening from 6-8.


    20 minute pose.  Charcoal

    10 minute pose.  Charcoal

  • 16x20 Watercolor and Heavy Gouache.  Photo Attribution:  HorseRacingPhotos.co.uk

  • 16 x 20 Watercolor, Gouache, Pencil on Strathmore Watercolor Paper